miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2015

Manuel Portela

He was born in Salto, Republica Oriental de Uruguay on November 24, 1897, but a few days after his birth, his family moved to Gualeguaychú.
He was a passionate man of letters, especially, journalism and poetry. His first book titled Musica Vana (Vain Music) was published in 1931, Sonetos del Buen Amor (Good Love Sonnets) 3 years later and Doce Romances y una Balada (Twelve Romances and One Ballad) was published in 1945.
Some notable books are Canto a Entre Rios (Song to Entre Ríos), Canto a Gualeguaychu (Song to Gualeguaychú) and one book with children’s poetry called Cucuruchos (Ice-cream Cones) which could not be published due to his death in 1949.

(Translated by Christian Gimenez)

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